Pastor Jason (Cornerstone Church)

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City on a Hill One-on-One Discussion and Q&A

I want to talk with you about any questions you have concerning Cornerstone’s City on a Hill Vision. We all feel that God is leading us to take this new direction for His Mission and I want you to be able to process the vision with me and see how you can be involved! I’d be happy to come to your house to meet too.

Duration: 1 hour

Ready to Take Your Next Step with Jesus?

I am always ready to meet with you if you have any questions about Christianity or you are ready to take a next step in following Jesus Christ! Let me know when you want to meet!

Duration: 1 hour

Just to talk

If you want to meet with me about anything, just let me know by scheduling this appointment. I am happy to talk with you!

Duration: 1 hour

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