Pastor Jason (Cornerstone Church)

Choose an appointment type.

Just to talk

If you want to meet with me about anything, just let me know by scheduling this appointment. I am happy to talk with you!

Duration: 1 hour

Ready to Take Your Next Step with Jesus?

I am always ready to meet with you if you have any questions about Christianity or you are ready to take a next step in following Jesus Christ! Let me know when you want to meet!

Duration: 1 hour

City on a Hill One-on-One Discussion and Q&A

I want to talk with you about any questions you have concerning Cornerstone’s City on a Hill Vision. We all feel that God is leading us to take this new direction for His Mission and I want you to be able to process the vision with me and see how you can be involved! I’d be happy to come to your house to meet too.

Duration: 1 hour

Metaverse Ministry Help

If you are seeking information on how to do ministry in the Metaverse, I am willing to help. However, because I have received so many requests from other church leaders to help them start churches in the Metaverse, and because I need to ensure my time is primarily spent shepherding the people of Cornerstone, I have decided it is right to charge for consultation meetings. This will help reduce the number of requests made for my time. If you are serious about Metaverse Ministry, this consult fee will not be prohibitive. If you are not yet ready but are simply investigating, please go to for a number of free resources I have put together for you.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 50.00

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